My Ally's AI-powered recruitment coordinator improves time-to-hire, increases conversion rate, and optimizes candidate experience by fully automating the scheduling and rescheduling of interviews with super-human speed and accuracy.

Win the War for Talent with Alex

Meet Alex, Your AI Recruiting Assistant

Alex is also the candidates' Ally, guiding the candidate through each step of the hiring process. Candidates move faster through the pipeline reducing time to fill from over

 2 months to under 20 days.

Interviews get scheduled 5x faster, while you can focus more on sourcing top talent for your organization.

Increase your Recruiting Team's productivity by at least 20% 

Increase Offer Acceptance

Alex ensures that there is continuous engagement with prospective candidates resulting in better candidate experience

and higher offer acceptance rates.

Improve Time to Hire

Integrates with your ATS in Minutes

Alex works like a human assistant inside your ATS and Calendars.

Hire faster with My Ally, AI for Recruiting Teams

My Ally's Artificial Intelligence Technology is trained over millions of emails resulting in a scheduling process that is 100% error free.

Reduce Cost per Hire

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While calculating cost per hire, many recruiters fail to factor in the time they spend on administrative aspects. Delegate this to Alex at a fraction of the cost!

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100% Accuracy

Alex uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to enhance the candidate experience through

human-like conversations. Alex seamlessly schedules, reschedules and follows up with both candidates and

recruiters.  A fast and reliable assistant, Alex will save your team countless hours, and your organization significant costs.

How does Alex bring value to your recruiting process?

Alex reduces your Time to Hire from over 2 months to less than 20 days.

Seamless Integration

My Ally integrates with your ATS and email client in a jiffy. Additionally we also integrate with 

Video and Web Conferencing services, Code Testing Software, Electronic Signature Services, Screening and Assessment Services among others - Curious? Just ask!

24/7 Availability

Multi interviewer panels, back to back interviews, lunch interviews, or panel debriefs -

Alex can handle anything.

Alex combines conversational intelligence and contextual information to accurately schedule and manage your interviews

Complex Interviews

Alex can text, chat, email -

Ask us for more detail

Human-like Interaction

Alex is at your service 24/7, 

365 days a year and engages with your prospective candidates across different time zones seamlessly

Medium Agnostic


Gain clear visibility into your process and address any inefficiencies present with our detailed metrics dashboard.

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